Random parking and rubber elasticity

Renyi's random parking process on a domain D in d-space is a point process with hard-core and no-empty-space properties that are desirable for modelling materials such as rubber. It is obtained as follows: particles arrive sequentially at uniform random locations in D, and are rejected if they violate the hard-core constraint, until the accepted particles saturate D.

We describe how any real-valued functional on this point process, provided it enjoys certain subadditivity properties, satisfies an averaging property in the thermodynamic limit. Consequently in this limit, one has a convergence of macoroscopically-defined energy functionals for deformations of the point process, to a homogenized limiting energy functional. We may also apply the results to derive laws of large numbers for classical optimization problems such as travelling salesman on the parking point process. This is joint work with Antoine Gloria.

Tomasz Schreiber's Memorial Session